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Why is local calling not working?

I have the $25 unlimited texts and free, unlimited local calling after 7pm plan, as well as the 500 minute calling add-on. I've been calling people in my local area and it's still charging me my minutes, even though I've been calling at times when the calls should be free. I've changed my address and everything (because I recently moved) and nothing seems to work. Why is this happening?

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Local should be according to where you currently are, Shelby. So the time (after 7) is dependent on your location (not your number) and so is the local area. If you are able to dial the number without a 1 in front and you are not getting a long distance warning, it should be free for you.

Are you saying your plan is behaving differently?
Every time I begin to place a call, I am given a long distance rate warning ( "long distance rates may apply"). This doesn't make sense to me because I never make long-distance calls (the person I contact regularly lives literally 10 minutes away). However, I don't have to dial a 1 in front of the number.
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If you moved across calling areas, keeping the same number, incoming calls will be long distance. This also may be why you get the warning; the system thinks you are calling from out of area until the call connects to a local number.