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Why is Koodo charging more for iPhones then Apple is?

Why is Koodo's retail price more then Apple's retail price? Apple's Canadian web store lists price of an iPhone 6 16GB at $749 Koodo's "retail" price for same iPhone is listed at $775

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But when you buy it on medium Tab it is cheaper than Apple's pricing http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/love-the-koodo-iphone-6-and-6-plus-launch-pricing
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according to apple - the price is FROM $749 This is sort of like a car - the price is from 35,000 - but then to get minor details like nice wheels (they are a bit extra), and that CD player, it is also a bit extra, nice seats, add more, ....get the idea? From means that the most basic model you can get starts at that price...anything extra would be an addon.
The "from" is for the base model which is the 16GB. IPhone 6. What bells and whistles is Koodo offering on the iPhone 6 16GB model that is not on the apple one that equals $26. Nothing just an arbitrary mark up. Thank you for showing me that the tab medium price model works out to be cheaper. Still not fair as it could be even cheaper without the arbitrary markup. I guess a company is free to sell there products at whatever price they choose. Just though it was strange when all other carriers are selling it for the same as Apple is.