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Why is it when I'm on wifi I'll get a message from koodo saying my data is almost used up

I have unlimited text free pic and vid sending a receiving and 2 gb of data witch I almost never use because I always have a wifi connection

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There no way to tell for sure, but you can check you data usage on Self Serve to confirm the amount used and when it was used at least. The thing about using wifi is that, like any other wireless connection, it can't be 100% guaranteed. So sometimes you think you're connected because you're home when you're really not and your phone will default to cellular data. Also, if cellular data is on while you're out-of-range of a wifi router your phone can use data for automatic updates. Since you have an iPhone you can go to Settings > Cellular and then turn cellular data off when you don't need it and also scroll down to "Use Cellular Data For:" to disable automatic updates for apps in that list.
I always check that the data button is off
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I was reading an article (link below) where applications can automatically turn on cellular data even after an apps' ability to access data has been disabled. Apple mentions that a factory reset should fix the problem. The reviews are mixed. Some iPhone owners are saying that the reset is a temporary solution, while others report that their iPhone works normally after the reset. https://discussions.apple.com/message/26330971?tstart=0#26330971 Others have managed to figure out workarounds that appear to have worked. https://discussions.apple.com/message/26093317#26093317