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Why i cant send or receive mms on my iphone if the wifi is or the cellular data?

  • 10 November 2014
  • 4 replies

I have an iphone 5s and i cant receive or send mms when there no a 3g connection and it doesnt work connected to wifi eather.why is that happening because i dont want that to waste my data . What can i do thanks for helping .

4 replies

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MMS will not function through WiFi. MMS is part of your service and therefore must be connected through cellular data. Keep in mind however, that sending and receiving picture messages, while in Canada, is free. Just ensure that your data is turned on for that to function.
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i would advise you against it , iphones are made in such a way that some of the system service will use data no matter what you are intend to do , MMS will not be charged but some of the hidden system service will use data in the background as soon as you start sending that mms .. please be aware that it is a smartphone without much capabilities in terms of personalizing it's apn settings . So, iphone will know know what to do and what not to do 🙂 use third party app like snapchat or whatsapp to do those things in wi-fi environment . or get atleast a small data plan to save your self from paying pay per use data .
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Your safest bet to avoid data leakage is to ensure you are connected to a strong wifi signal (even one with no internet) and turn on your data to MMS, then turn data back off.
Thaks every one