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Why does my e bill say I owe over 400$ including the cost of my phone when I put it on a tab?

I got a phone on a 300$ tab. My bill is 66$ a month. Why does it say I owe over 400$ including the cost of my phone on my first bill?

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Owe? Or does it just show that you got the tab and how much you paid off with your first bill. It's hard to tell what's going on without seeing your bill. If you want to take a screen shot (minus your personal info) people can help you figure out here.
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I can assure you the charge for the phone will not appear on the bill unless you cancelled service which is not the case here. As Chris suggested, if you can provide a screen shot of the Account Detal section of the bill, that would help us immensely.

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These aren't the details, this is the summary. To check the details go to koodomobile.com, sign into self serve, click on billing->ebill and open the most recent bill. Detailed info should be on page 3.
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You are on the right track Rob, show us the details we'll tell you exactly what's going on.
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I've seen this happen before. Sometimes if you're porting in a number, they'll assign a temporary number then do a number change. This can end up causing the tab to be billed out by accident. Call Koodo to have it resolved.