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Why do your service reps know the pin numbers for accounts?

I just had to replace my cell phone, so went on tab and bough a new phone. I realized I had a 100.00 credit in an email and could not get to it because my phone was destroyed and apparently it doesn't show up on the account in store. So bought the phone, phoned the next day and told 2 things, first they would not honour the bonus offered unless I drove back to the store and exchanged. Second the fella seemed to know my pin number. What happened to the privacy act at Koodos? Not sure if I will stay after my tab is paid. Bit of a disappointment with your customer service. Also, I could of gone anywhere to spend my 775.00 just before Christmas. 

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They have to know your pin you created when signing up to be able to do anything to your Koodo account....if you made your Koodo pin the same as your bank pin than that's your doing not Koodo's (if this is what your talking about) Koodo doesnt know your bank pin (unless you made it the same as your bank pin) just the 4 digit pin you have as security so nobody can access your account except Koodo employees. Every carrier has to know your security info you created when signing up with them to access your account so leaving won't solve your worry.
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If the bonus offered you was through the online store, then that is where it would have to be redeemed. If it required the 'coupon (email)' be presented before purchase, then a return would likely be necessary, so appropriate coding could be applied to the purchase.

A PIN = Personal Identification Number is something YOU present to the agency with whom you are conversing so they know it is indeed YOU who is calling. It is knowledge you previously shared with them which you can again share in a confirmatory manner. Think of it as the verbal equivalent of a photo ID.