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Why do l have to purchase a phone the 6S iPhone, when l have a tab, confused ?

I would like to get the 6S iPhone, but l have to pay up front first and go from there. ???

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Melvin Chavez wrote:

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Hi Bonny, You can definitely do that! The cost of a iPhone 6S with 16gb is 915$ plus tax upfront. However, you will still need to activate a plan with it. If you want to pay it all upfront, you might as well order directly from Apple. When buying the phone from Apple, you will pay only 899$, and the phone will be unlocked by default, so if you ever want to use it on another carrier, you won't even have to pay an additional fee to get it unlocked (35$ to do so with Koodo).
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There is a maximum amount that you can put on the tab. Per koodo's FAQs this is $360 on the regular tab and $500 with Tab Plus. This amount will be paid off in 24 equal instalments which will be added to your monthly bill. The rest of the price of the phone will need to be paid up front at the time of purchase. Since the iPhone 6S costs $1055 for the 64 GB version or $915 for the 16 GB version, you will need to pay at least $400 up front no matter which version of the tab you choose.
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Hey Bonny! Did these answers help? Can we clarify anything else? Let us know 🙂