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Why can't i get LTE coverage on my iphone 6? I'm in downtown toronto

Just activated my phone on koodo. It's an iphone 6 from the apple store, unlocked. Not once since the sim card was in have i had LTE. I've been up and running for 3 hours now. LTE is enabled and i've done a network re-set. Please help. thanks

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Hello, here's what could be the problem 1) Is your LTE active? (Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE) 2) Has your LTE ever worked on previous cells you had?
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Hi, KidWunder I have had the same problem with my Nexus 5. When I first purchased the phone, I was only getting HSPA or H, in an iPhone a 3G, instead of an LTE sign when my celluar data was turned on. However, I have waited for about a week and now, I seem to get LTE almost everywhere. Just try what Robert said above and if it still is not working don't sweat it! Give Koodo customer a call if you really want LTE services. (However, the LTE speeds and the high HSPA speeds are barely different so I wouldn't worry too much:)

Thank-you both for replying.. these emails went to my junk folder and didn't see them til now. Yes LTE was enabled, but when I woke up this morning LTE is working fine. Not only is it working fine, but the cell signal is full even in my condo den, where i was getting no signal before i joined koodo, so pretty happy at the moment.