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Why can't I change my base plan? I have paid the money and my phone won't activate

I have toped up my account. It is showing the transaction on the prepay site. The money is out of my bank account. But it still says my phone is suspended. What is going on?

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Hey Jeff. You say the money came out of your bank account, does your account balance on your self-serve account reflect that? What's your current balance on your prepaid account? Is your Account Status listed as "Active"? What does it say under "Current Base Plan"? Is that the plan you want?

P.S. You would have had to change your plan via self-serve BEFORE you topped up or it would take the money out for the old base plan. 
All taken care of via a phone call tks
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Jeff Pearce wrote:

All taken care of via a phone call tks

Glad everything was resolved for you! 🙂
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peter bolduc wrote:

activate both phones and send them to freeport hospital specialisedmentalhealth

I am not quite sure what you are asking here. Could you please create a new thread and add some more details and we will be more than happy to help you!