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Why are there two data usage counters?

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Are you a new Koodo customer John? I know in the past sometimes Koodo gave 10 days of unlimited data usage to get people use to how data worked.
Yes I am. However when I was at the Koodo shop, they didn't mention this
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as someone who works in a multi-brand activation store (ie, we deal with Koodo, Virgin, Fido, etc), I didn't know anything about the 10 days of unlimited data usage.  When I saw that screen-cap I thought maybe the first one was his pro-ration period.
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Based on those numbers, you might want to turn off your data before September 5, or buy a plan with more data on September 4!

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They don't tell you so that you can know what your real data usage will be. If they would tell you you'll use it way more then you would in real life. Right now, you know that your plan wouldn't be enough for you if you continue that way!
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I'm of the opinion 1 data counter is for your plan and the other is for roaming should you ever add that option.