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Why am i getting pro-rated when switching plans?

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I did phone KooDo and spoke with a telephone specialist and was told that if I want to switch to a different plan that I would need to do this on the 28th of the month so that I would not get any pro-rating. I get that Koodo would use the 28th of a month as a billing cycle as Feb only has 28 days most years, so that would put it onto a regular time on a calendar. So it's the 28th of the month, and it has done some crazy pro-rating for 1 day of service. ie billed -1.20 (Jun28-Jun29) +1.27 (Jun28-Jun29) Are the telephone people just not trained and telling us lies or miss-information as what I was told was obviously very wrong and resulted in this orphaned pro-rate day. This throws in problems when dealing with DATA. A pro-rate day locks in a % of the allotted amount of data that is given for the whole period regardless of how much you had left before. Why is there not a better procedure to change the plan your phone is on for your next billing cycle that does not effect the cycle you are currently on? Why does the people at Koodo give you wrong information when you telephone them?

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What is your actual billing cycle? You can see that online, but if you were there you could have change your plan yourself. Did they tell you that there is a $10 charge if the rep changes the plan for you over the pone?
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Hi Matt,

What you experienced is really minimal pro-ration. There will always be a little bit of it as you have just seen. If you would of swapped in the middle of your cycle, this would of been a lot uglier. As for the rep, this situation will become a "he said, I said" contest and without knowing the specifics of the conversation you had with him, it's hard to say who's wrong and who's right here.
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Mathieu wrote:

Hi Matt,

What you experienced is really minimal pro-ration. There will always be a little bit of...

Good point!