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Why am I being charged for additional local airtime when I have only used 49/750 and my bill for that is $111.50????

I am getting billed a crap load of money $111.50 for additional air time that I have only used 49/750 and that isn't fair.  I can see to be charged my regular monthly fee and long distance usage, but not for something I haven't used.....please take that off my bill or you can have your phone back as I refuse to pay for something I haven't used!!!

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Does your plan include nationwide or local minutes? Are you certain that your overage is for airtime and not data? Do you live close to the border? If so, you may be roaming inadvertently. What does the breakdown of charges on your bill say?
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You could also be subject to pro rated minutes if you switched to this plan or you just activated service. Either way, page 3 of your bill will show you all the details. If there's something you disagree with, you should call customer service to discuss it. *611 from your phone or 1-866-995-6636.
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And there is no charge for a call to cust service for a billing discrepency.
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Yes and once you use the prompts to get to billing and they are very busy, the prompt will take you to the CALL BACK OPTION where you allow Koodo, to call you back, rather than waiting (seemingly) for forever, before your call is answered.. The most I ever had to wait, was like 10min, before they called me back.
The beauty of it, is that I went from "pissed off" to "ticked off" cause I didn't have to wait the extra 10min on HOLD for the next available rep.