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i keep getting a warning that my data is almost all used up but i have my cellular data shut off for everything and use my wifi connection at home to access the internet so why am i getting these warnings and why does my phone say ive used 1gig of data when my plan only allows 500 mb??

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Is this the built-in app on the phone? If it's an iPhone I'm not quite sure if it displays last 30 days, has the proper way to setup the bill cycle date to match Koodo and Self Serve, etc. so use Koodo Self Serve to track your usage or get an app called Dataman. Just because your plan has 500 MB doesn't mean you can't go over it (unless it's prepaid). Could also just be data leakage. Maybe apps are updating in the background on your data. Go to your settings and I can't remember exactly where but there's a way to restrict apps from using data in the background in iOS7, which will help you manage it. Secondly, if your WiFi connection is not strong enough, then it will revert to your data connection if it's on, which I hear is a common problem with iPhones. To be safe, make sure mobile data is turned off under Settings > Cellular.
okay maybe its just the rollover it doesnt reset the data usage after the bill is paid my bill says i havent gone over but my phone says i am so i dunno ill keep an eye on it thanks for the advice ill double check the settings and such thanks again