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White IPhone

Is the white IPhone 4S available with a medium tab? I would be a new customer. Thanks!

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You'd need to call ahead to a Koodo store near you to see if they have any white 4S's in-stock.
The salesperson told me they are not allowed to order white phones. I would prefer to have a white one.
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Just got 2 of each in a few days ago at my Mobile Shop, so yes, it's definitely possible to order them. We also offer a $50 PC.gift card if you buy with us! Let me know where you're located, I'll see which store is closest to you, and if they have any available.
My mobile store is in Atholville New Brunswick. The salesman sais he was not able to order white. He did not tell me about the.gift card either. My daughter referred me so should we get some tab credit?
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Gift card is exclusive to Mobile Shop as far as I am aware... and again, we are indeed capable of ordering white because I just got a shipment of 2 in a few days ago.

We are fully authorized to do your Koodo activation so I will find the nearest Mobile Shop for you tomorrow and see if they have any. If not, since this is a sale price and can go back up any time, they can still request a transfer from another store, grab the IMEI, do the activation, guarantee you the price and then call you when the phone comes in. Sound good to you? 🙂
Perfect! My Mobile Shop is in the Superstore in Atholville, New Brunswick.
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Julie Mercier-Bernard wrote:

Perfect! My Mobile Shop is in the Superstore in Atholville, New Brunswick.

Alright then, ask them to transfer one since there are plenty available. We have one at Dufferin/Steeles if they need it.