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Which version of the iPhone SE is sold? - Model A1723 (GSM) -Model A1723 (CDMA)

I was planing to get the iPhone SE 64GB form Kodoo. I travel a lot to germany, so it would be beneficial for me to have a phone that works in Canada and Germany. I have seen that there are these two models which work for Canada (refer to http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/#iphone-se)
Model A1723 (GSM)  and Model A1723 (CDMA).
I doubt that the CDMA version works in a german network (if it actually does, please correct me).

So, which one is sold by Kodoo?

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The GSM one.
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Koodo sells the GSM version. What that shows is that the particular cdma model would also work in Canada not what is sold in Canada.
Thank you so much guys, I appreciate that!