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Where is phone I ordered?

Ordered phone September 5, now in a black hole, no way to contact anyone who can help, no way to cancel, didn't realize that Koodo has no customer support all all.

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You can give your order number here and a rep that might come around can take a look or give your order number when you send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter and it will get sorted out. Let us know if not.
Goran wrote:

You can give your order number here and a rep that might come around can take a look or give your...

Thank you but I think I have tried every avenue to zero response. Have noticed that a lot of posts in this forum are "where is my order?" so I see a bit of trend, too bad Koodo can't see a clear area for improvement.
Order No. HFO18651895

Didn't include it first as I didn't actually expect a reply since the people on the phone couldn't help, the koodomobile phone number is only open 4 hours a week and the 15 tweets I sent@koodo have not been answered. Certainly not a good start for Koodo with me. 

I'd cancel the order but that is also not possible due to no customer service.
Looks to me like Koodo can TAKE orders but can't DELIVER on orders.
Sample of some of the tweets I sent over many hours

Trying to buy my daughter her first phone. She is also getting an up close lesson in how bad customer service is at mobile phone companies. Is it too much trouble to be able to tell me where my order is? For Koodo the answer is yes.
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Hello James, 

It's the weekend so maybe that's why it's slower. I'm sure you don't work in the weekends, dont you? So please take some time to relax and by the time the weeks starts, I'm sure you'll have an answer.
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After all that said and done, I think you can wait and see how Koodo agent response.

For cancelling, it is actually very easy, you can deny to accept the phone when they are delivered to your place.

I always opened my account at store, I did ordered 2 phone before with Koodo (with another account),they delivered in 3,4 days. I feel bad bad that you are in this situation.

They say they have services during the weekend, so I expect that to be the same quality as a weekday. Or they should post that they have good service during the week and poor service on the weekend. You can see from their telephone support times for the mobile store that that is the case.

Can log on @ Amazon & see where my order is but has taken me over 36 hours, an email, 14 tweets, 6 forum posts, and a phone call to get for zero from Koodo. Finally got a DM that told me what I already knew - that I placed the order on the 5th. Then they said Canada Post should pick it up "soon". So has it been sitting there for 8 business days or is it that they can't put a phone in a box and ship it?

Definitely more irritated than I should be but if a business can't tell you a basic thing like where is the item I paid for, then what are they doing in business?
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I never liker how lacklustre Koodo is with that. You get your phone, usually Quick enough, but it can be hard to keep track of it. I also never liked how it can be slow on weekends. You could always call 611 and wait on hold. It's just a crapshoot with the wait times.
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It's a complete crapshoot (as Goran mentioned) getting hold of Koodo. My last Twitter DM took two days to get a reply. Once I did, the conversation replies were quick, however.

The Web Store is even harder. I don't believe they are very heavily staffed, and with back to school, they are getting slammed with orders.

I wish they would at least find a minute to reply to emails, even to say "Sorry, we are extremely busy. Your order should be shipped out in the next few days", or whatever.

I have only dealt with the Web Store once, and they were quick to reply and fix my issue (defective phone exchange), so my experience was good. Yours may vary though, lol.

I have to give kudos (Koodos? lol) to Bernard and other Koodo staff that haunt these forums. There are certain people who go out of their way to give the Koodo staff ulcers on a daily basis. Koodo staff as well as Mobile Masters on here don't feed the trolls or take the bait. Well done.

As for the person that keeps happily pointing out that "Mobile Masters and Koodo Staff keep giving out wrong information", guess what? I know this may be shocking to hear, but they're human. Mistake happen. Nobody is perfect, including yourself.

I'm done, lol.
Techjunkie wrote:

It's a complete crapshoot (as Goran mentioned) getting hold of Koodo. My last Twitter DM took two...

Your feelings must be hurt. You seem to have taken a bait that nobody even tried to give to you. As the main "troll" of this forum, it feels a little weird for you to be talking about me even after I hadn't posted or came on here for hours, under a question that has nothing to do with me. I don't try to make Koodo reps' days worse. I just can't stand that they are lying to people here. Taking people's plans away? Lol. Please. Your customer service didn't take my plan away even though they have seen it multiple times since 2014, and I even made multiple Web Store orders. I am one of the main contributors on other websites regarding those plans. I know you are not doing that. Anyway, I have never seen Koodo take two days to reply to a DM. /Done.