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where is iphone 4?

if you go to the phones (which phones koodo has) so now , even iphone 4 is dispared , why that? now you wouldn't even have iphone 4?( after u removed the iphone 4s.)

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Probably removed because of the Iphone5C & Iphone5S.
great... how people should buy now the iphone , if its like 700 $ its ridicules
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That's Apple for ya.
in koodo it will be the same i guess, or just with the tubs so its actually the same thing like a contract , because if you wont to change your phone , and your phone cost like 700 and you payed only 100 $ , there are still 600$ for you to pay.
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You're on a contract regardless of whether it's the tab or a 2 year term.
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You could always bring your own device. Devices are never free (either bundled to a contract or transparent with a tab) The service provider only makes money off of cell services and not through selling devices
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I assuming this is Apples doing to promote the iphone 5,Iphone 5s, and iphone 5C launching Sept 20th so stay tuned! I believe apple probably just stopped regulating the iphone 4s to promote their other hardware but I may be wrong.
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You can still purchase the past iPhone models through third party sites, if you really want them.
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Keep in mind the iPhone 4 is 3 years old. Koodo likely wasn't ordering lots from Apple to begin with and as of a week ago Apple essentially discontinued it. I'm sure Koodo has sold through their stock and there's no point in stocking it any longer. Maybe they'll get the 4S again now that it's the cheap model. Who knows.
yup i hope so , well thank you all for the responds . 🙂