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Where do I setup usage booster notifications for a prepaid account?


I used to get notifications when booster data or minutes were running low.  I don't anymore and I can't find where to check the settings.  I followed the instructions on the threads here, but the option doesn't exist!   Anyone know where to set it?

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I know you will automatically get a warning text that your baseplan is about to expire a few days ahead, then another that the top-up has been done if you have signed up for automatic payments.

Wouldn't make sense for them to just cut you off without warning once minutes or data expire. I don't have any experience running that close to the edge. Someone from head office should confirm the status of courtesy warnings.
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Hey Jacky! When was the last time that you received those notifications? Did you make a change in your account recently, like a phone number change? Do you still receive the SMS for the base plan renewal?
Hi Anna,

It's been a while since I last got the notifications.  Sorry I can't recall exactly when.  I haven't changed phone numbers.  I do still get SMS for base plan renewal.  Is there no place in the portal to manage notifications?


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Hey Jacky! We tested it out, and you are supposed to be getting notifications when your minutes and data boosters are close to expiration date. Those are supposed to be sent automatically and there is nowhere in the system where we can modify that. Our suggestion would be for you to contact our technical support department (a free call when dialing *611 directly from your Koodo phone) and they will open up a ticket in order to fix this issue.