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When will phone arrive

  • 2 April 2021
  • 5 replies

I ordered a phone and sim card on Wednesday, and it is now Friday, still hasn’t begun shipping process. I should’ve just went into a Koodo location.. Is there anyway to cancel the order and go get the phone at the store instead??


Also - why does this company have zero employees available for assisting customers? 

5 replies

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@KevinB  What’s your order # ? That would help to look into things? Depending on the status order cancel may or may not be available. You could go to the store, although no guarantee the model you are looking is available at your closest location. Heads up buying at store will also mean paying a $45 connection/activation fee like with any carrier.

We do have thousands of employees! 🙂 We also provide access to Forum like this or other social channels. You can also book a callback to talk to a rep if you need any other help. 

Hi Bernard!

 Order No. HFO29717695


If this can be cancelled I can go to the store now and purchase this plan / phone there :)

@Bernard Koodo I would try and cancel it myself but I don’t have any Koodo login credentials or access to making changes to orders

Called. Already assigned to be shipped so it cant be canceled . But I doubt it’ll be shipped for awhile. so that doesn’t really make sense. but whatever. cheers. 

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@KevinB Yeah, I see it now. You ordered it on the night of the 31st. It would have gone out today had it not been a holiday.