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When will koodo get the GOLD 6 PLUS 16GB or 64GB?

When will koodo get the GOLD 6 PLUS 16GB or 64GB?

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If they are not offered now, I don't think they will offer in the future.
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They have the 64gb in their stores but it my not be I'm gold. Nothing that a gold protector can't solve.:-)
is that for 6 Plus? the only thing stopping me from switching to koodo is the gold 6 plus
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If you must have a gold 6 plus on Koodo you could consider buying it outright at the Apple store and activating it with Koodo. If you do this you have to pay the full price of the phone, but you can request 10% off you monthly bill (it's not automatic but you just ask and you get it if you have a non-negative tab). This would allow you to get any size and colour you want, although it can be quit expensive upfront.
nah if i bought it outright i would switch to wind and get the 44$ unlimited data plan, not with koodo and a minimal data package. the reason i was to switch to koodo is for the subsidy
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Well, Wind is an option. I had too many dropped calls when I was with Wind, but I found the data worked well. That was a while ago so I don't know if they have scaled up as their customer base increased or if they have fixed the dropped calls problem. If you go with Wind make sure the phone is AWS compatible. I think all the iPhone 6's are AWS now, but I haven't checked carefully as I'm no longer with Wind so it's not really an issue for me. It was easier to argue Koodo was a great deal when they had their double data promotions. Now there's not a lot to like in their post paid plans. I mostly prefer Koodo over a Wind for their coverage. Good luck whichever way you decide.