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When my landline is on call forward to my iPhone 5 Koodo network phone my forwarded calls go directly to voicemail after just one ring.

This has just started happening in the past couple of weeks. Call forward from my landline to my Koodo phone worked fine before.

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Try rebooting your phone. Sometimes that can fix random issues.
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If your landline is VOIP, this is not un-common. If you can, change your VOIP settings to simultaneously ring the landline and cell for 30 seconds. Don't be surprised if the cell is a ring or 2 behind the landline when you test with a third phone. OR Ring the landline for 5 seconds THEN ring the cell for 60 seconds THEN ring the landline again for 5 seconds on a call hunting arrangement. Makes sure that the cel ringing continues even if the landline connection is terminated. The second ring of the landline never happens, because the call will have been picked up by the cell or cell voicemail. These "seconds" are largely fictitious in the settings: real-life values end up being about half of what you specify, so be generous and do some tests. There are delays switching from land to cel and voip networks that the referring network does not know how to account for.