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When can I start using data?

I just recently changed my plan to include data, but when I try to "turn it on" on my settings, I still have no access to the Internet.. Will it start on the new cycle? My bill is due August 5th, is that when the cycle begins?

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Sometimes it can take 24 hours but that doesn't happen often. Please toggle airplane mode and reset your phone. Also, did you ever add the data block to your account?
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Hey Pao Lina! 

Any luck in getting your data to work? I'm assuming your mobile data is turned on in your settings?

Chadwick brought a good point about the data block. If you had one in the past, you'll have to remove it in order to use it. If that's the case, you can always check your self-serve account and see if you can remove it. If you can't, let us know! We can help 🙂
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Check that mobile data is enabled on your handset. Verify the APN values in Mobile networks preferences (see screen shot below).

Remove the SIM and re-start your phone. This will give an error message, but refresh your data connection from Ø. Re-insert the SIM and restart.

If you still have no data, go back to mobile network preferences and toggle betweek LTE/WCDMA or just WCDMA being enabled. This may help if reception is poor in your area.

If you want the shock-free data features enabled, go into your self-serve notification preferences and make sure Koodo is allowed to text you.

Lastly, if you have a data block at the account level, you will have to contact Koodo to get it lifted. Send them a private message on their Facebook page to avoid spending time on hold.