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When both Cellular data and Wi-Fi data are turned on, which one is bringing the data to my phone?

I have an iphone (model: MF263C/A) question: I need to keep my data on to get IMessages, but I was wondering if, when I am home and on wifi as well, does the wifi supercede the package data or if I start surfing the web will that data be tagged to my package data (which costs me $ if I go over) or will data come to my phone through wifi.

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If wifi is connected, then the wifi supercedes Cellular data access. Even if no internet is working with the wifi, that connection takes prioirty. Note that for iphones, When it goes to sleep, sometimes wifi turns off to conserve power. This does not occur when the phone is asleep and connected to power. Also note that if wifi is weak and the connection becomes disabled, then cellular data usage will resume
Thank you. This helps a lot, as I keep getting my iphone friends' texts very late. Sometimes it's ok, but sometimes the messages are time sensitive.
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Hi Ingrid, Also, there shouldn't be a delay in receiving your iMessages whether you are using WIFI or 3G/LTE. Have you tried turning this on and off on the device? Settings > Messages > iMessage. Cheers, Peter