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whats a better deal to bring an unlocked iphone 5 to koodo or buy it though koodo on the medium tab ?

  • 4 August 2013
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2 replies

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Getting it through Koodo gets you the advantages of medium Tab: $400 in store with 15% of your bill paying it back + $5 tab charge towards the Tab, and a 24 month clear guarantee. Plus you're getting a guaranteed new device with warranty from day one. Plans start at $30 + $5 for tab charge (on Medium Tab). If you go with an outright purchase from somewhere else, not only do you not have to pay the $5 Tab charge, but you can opt for a 10% discount on your monthly rate plan. This may not reflect all scenarios equally, but let's assume, $ for $, that you are taking the $39 Canada-wide data plan for 24 months: Koodo purchase on Medium Tab: $400 in store + ($39 + $5 Tab charge x 24 months) = $1,456. Outright purchase (either from Koodo or the Apple store) with SIM only discount: $700 upfront + ($39 - 10% = $35.10 x 24 months) = $1,542.40 $1542.40 - $1,456 = $86.40 extra by buying phone outright. 700 - 86.40 = 613.60 You will need to buy an iPhone 5 outright for less than $613.60 to make it worth your while, which means you'll have to sacrifice getting it brand new and look at the used market. Again, these # s are assuming you're keeping the same plan for the same time frame. I know there are more variables at play here (what if I change my plan, what if I want to leave after a year, etc.) but this is what I came up with. Let me know if you have more questions.
so on top of of the plan that i believe is 50 dollars for 1 gig of data and other things would i actually be paying $55 dollars and do you firmly believe that you have the best plans for the iPhone 5 ?