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What stores are "high-volume" and carrying the 64 GB iphone 6?

I have been searching for a 64 GB iphone 6 (not even the plus, just the 6) and it is impossible to find at Koodo or any Best Buy,etc stores that carry Koodo phones. I get the same run around from everyone, something like "koodo is only giving 64 GB to some stores as a "test" to see if it is popular." Obviously it is popular since stores are sold out of them not to mention it is 2014 and 16GB is not enough for most people. I really like the service I get from Koodo and I like my plan but it is kind of ridiculous to not carry phones with more than 16GB these days. My question is: can someone from Koodo provide a list of these "high volume" stores so we know where to check for 64 GB phones? It is bad enough that we can't order online, can't see store inventory and have no way of knowing what stores Koodo decides will carry a 64 GB iPhone 6. This would save alot of time for us bothering your stores with phone calls everyday. Thanks

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Hi Jake, Thanks for reaching out to us, we do understand your frustrations however iPhone inventory is very limited for the month following launch, and will vary on a Shop-by-Shop basis. Unfortunately we cannot provide a list of High Volume stores. Be sure to call ahead to the Koodo Shop you plan on visiting to make sure that they have a phone available for you: http://koo.do/locator123. Keep in mind that you can always buy an iPhone 6 64 GB directly from the Apple Store and bring it to Koodo: http://koo.do/JKw568. Thanks ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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The Masonville Place kiosk in London, ON sells the 64 GB, though I don't know if they have it in stock. Source: I purchased one from them. I have no idea if this helps you or not. You should specify your location in your post.
I lucked out and got the only one in stock at the Dufferin Mall location in Toronto. I also called Yorkdale and they said they only had one in stock. Granted this was Tuesday so it is probably long gone by now, but it looks like those two are a good bet to get more in the future I guess.
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I was about to get 2 in one day (yes the 64GB). How? I called and asked everyday and one day they had it. All stores sell the 64GB, however they just may not have stock at the moment. It's not that only 'high volume' stores get them. You just have to be patient and call each potential store everyday. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/storelocator.shtml
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FYI.. if someone is looking for 64g iphone 6, they have 3, well 2 now at Oakville Place. I just picked one up.