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What should i do?

i want to upgrade my old iphone 4. i am about one year in my koodo smal tab. (3 year term) with the new crtc thing am i still locked in a 3 year term or i can uprade or cancel after 2 years?? is it worth canceling my current plan and going with the rogers one plan 2 phone thing? because my mom does not want her current phone anymore and wants mine. so i tought that we can both cancel our plans, bring my iphone 4 to rogers, get me a new iphone 5s and give my mom my 4? any other options i have? Thanks!

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What does Rogers has that you couldn't get from koodo? If you have a small tab then you are not on a 3 year contract. Rogers will sign you on a contract and likely require a more expensive plan to attach to it. Plus you will have to pay to unlock your phone now so all of a sudden switching may not make that much sense.
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Just pay off what's owing still on your present phone and give it to your mom and start a new tab of your choosing to get your new phone and keep your old plan if you choose a small tab or if your plan is over $30 then you can choose a medium Tab and keep your plan. If you want a large tab which I highly suggest against getting then you'll have to choose a tab large plan. Medium Tab you will have a $5 per month tab charge for the next 2 years or until the tab is paid in full whichever comes first. The large tab will have the same tab charge length but will be $10 per month. I strongly suggest to not go to Rogers as I just looked at going there to get a phone I want and was blown away at how much it would cost to do so with them, it's quite ridiculous on their part IMO.
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I believe that the 3 year terms are being phased out. This was announced Feb 17, 2014, and all iphone 3 yr contract customers were supposed to be moved to a tab as of March 17. First I would check and see if you have been moved to a tab yet, and make sure that you have been. Then you can pay out the remaining amount of your tab and arrange to buy a new phone, and get your iphone unlocked.