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What's going on with iMessage I can click on the icon but it takes me right back to the home screen ?


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You might be the victim of the iMessage bug that been going around the net the past few weeks. When a certain string of text and letters are send in iMessage it causes it to crash and remain unopenable. Try using Ask Siri to “read unread messages.” Use Siri to reply to the message – then open Messages. In messages, swipe left to delete the thread, or tap and hold the message, tap more, and delete the message from the thread. - There is also a surport page on apple site for this issus
K thanks
Then call Koodo good luck 😉
Koodo on a 2 year contract at Walmart
Who did you buy it from?
Do they still have the 4s and how do I go about this do I call apple again or Koodos 1800 number ?
Yes, software is included
Would software be covered by my warranty
Yes I have tryed that twice and still nothing I called apple and they don't know what to do with it and I'm still in a 2 year contract
Try restarting your device.