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What is using data at same time every hour on iPhone 4?

Just got a nasty surprise of a $50 overage. Data use went from 600MB last month to 1.8GB this month! Looking through the self-serve data usage, there is something on the iPhone that is using cell data on an hourly basis, i.e. 09:45 10:45 11:45 and so on when the phone is on and pulls up to 50-60MB at a time. WTH is pulling/pushing data on an hourly basis?????

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Impossible to say without looking at your phone, but my guess is an app with permissions it shouldn't have. Have a look at this article: http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/apple/3508626/how-minimise-data-used-on-iphone/
Thanks, but that is my question, what app or apps are pulling or synch'ing data on an hourly basis? This seems to be happening to a lot of people, but no one can seem to pinpoint the exact culprit because the do a wholesale change of all kinds of things and sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn't. It's every hour to the minute that is weird Possibilities: iCloud Background App Refresh
Oh and another thing, despite what Koodo says, the limit reached texts don't always get through. In this case both the 75% and 90% warnings were never received, but the hey we just charged you $50 certainly did
Hey, for iphone, if you go to settings it will tell you all the apps on your phone ( not running in background) but that are constantly updating (using your data/ costing you $$) such as emails, games, safari/ optional, bus app maybe.. Anyway you can and should turn most of these apps off if you do not like the idea completely Turing off cell data like I chose to. You still get text msg, you won't be able to send/ receive photos until data is turned on. Things will update when you turn on wifi. My bill was always so high. I realized in settings all these various apps were always on and up dating. I am glad to be more detailed to help you, as this did help us from going over our data every month 🙂 even $80 mos bill ultimately broke us and currently looking for cheaper alternative 😞
Thanks, I think I have gone through every possible setting to turn off "Use Cell Data" Unfortunately the settings don't show the native iOS apps and apparently one big one is the Background App Refresh. I have also turned off everything I possibly can that uses iCloud as well. Keeping an eye on it for now and will see what happens. Next phone may not be an Apple
I went to: setting> cellular - scroll til you see: >Use Cellular Data For: (lists apps that are using data) App Store ( can turn off) Games ( prolly says ON) A game ( can turn off ) Safari ( automatically turns on lol) Hopefully you see something like this.. No on ever told me about this I just stumbled upon it and decided to turn it all off and I stopped going over data.
Thanks Monique, after a lot of googling, I found all of these. The ones that are tricky are the built in functions of the phone that aren't listed under those settings like iCloud backups and Background App Refresh.
I don't know why I stick with Apple....I liked knowing that when I lost my phone and it was black listed that it was meaningless to anyone else unlike my friends with the android. I love the look of my 5c. But, I'm beginning to wonder if that enough...
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Stuart, did you turn off background app refresh in SEttings > General > Background App Refresh?
Yes I have now. It was on before.