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What is the difference between the old and new $35 plan?

Just bought iPhone 5S and was told the old $35 was a better deal. It does not have data, was hoping to get data. Why is there such a difference in the old and the new?

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Carriers change and adjust plans always as time years go by. A $35 plan in two years from now wont be the same as the $35 now. Most likely a future $35 plan will be better than its 'old version'. If you want data now, I suggest changing your plan as their aren't any data addons and old data pay per use rates may not be the best
Will it cost more to change over to the new plan? What is the difference? The seller said that at the moment I don't pay for incoming calls but will have to now. Is that true? Thought incoming calls came with the package.

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With Koodo, it doesn't cost you to change your plan.  But if you change your plan in the middle of your billing cycle, it could cause minutes overage due to proration.

There are a few different $35 plans over the years.
If your plan includes  unlimited incoming call, it doesn't deduct minutes from your any time minutes.
But the newer plans doesn't includes unlimited incoming, so it will deduct minutes from your any time minute (if you receive  calls during day time)

 If store rep told you that "the old $35 was a better deal", maybe talk minutes are more important than data for him/her.  If you need/want data, newer plan could be  better for you since data is not included  on your current plan.
So you should pick your plan based on what you need/want 🙂