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What is "Tab large" and "tab medium?!" Someone explain

What are these new tabs?! I've wanted to buy an iphone 5 for a long time now but 670$ is outrageous... suddenly i see that i can buy it for 200$ on this "Tab Large" or 400$ on "Tab Medium" The iphone 4 is also now 0$?! Someone explain to me what this is, because when i click on it it brings me to find a store nearby. Help?! Thanks 🙂

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Koodo is explaing Medium & Large Tab on his site http://koodomobile.com/en/on/tab.shtml Medium Tab will allow you to up to $300 Tab Large Tab wil allow you to get up to $500 Tab
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To put it simply this new tab allows you to pay less up for phones. Yo pay it back the same way you used to but now 15% of your spend goes towards it which much better. Plus, no matter what in 2 years your tab is cleared and you will owe nothing.
In plain language, it's money that you owe koodo for subsidizing the phone cost for you. In your case, if you want to get the I5 for $200, you will have to sign up for a tab large plan that's at least $65, on top of that you'll have to pay $10 a month to pay down the debt you owe koodo. If you want to get the I4 for $0, you can pick any plan you want, and pay $5 every month on top of your monthly bill to pay down the debt. If you stay with koodo for at least 24 months, any remaining balance you owe them will be cleared. If you leave koodo however, you will need to pay back the remaining balance you owe them.