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What is redemtion?

What does redemption means? I went to to The Mobile Shop, they said I have $150 for redemption on a Small Tab & $500 for redemption on Tab Medium & Large? What does this exactly mean. I am looking to upgrade to Iphone. Thanks

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It means that after you pay off your Tab balance (which is shown on the screen after where they put in the IMEI and SIM card) you'll be able to use up to that amount off a new phone. It looks a little weird after Koodo implemented paying off the Tab to upgrade thing.
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It means you can have $150/$300/$500 taken off the retail price of your phone, depending on the tab size you decide to use.
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Hi there... With Koodo new and improved TAB, you will be able to have 150$, 300$ or 500$ off any phone, depending on the amount of your current TAB... So if let's say, your TAB is currently at 0$, you could redeem (subsidize) 150$ on the TAB S to buy a new phone... So a phone that cost 150$ will not cost you anything in the store, it will be subsidized on the TAB and Koodo will pay your phone within 24 months as long as you stick with the company... and if the phone cost more than 150$, you will have to pay the difference... The same dynamic with the TAB M and L... With TAB M you will have 300$ off any phone but there will be 5$ Tab charge on top of your monthly plan, and with the TAB L, you will have 500$ off any phone, and you will have to choose any TAB L plans and 10$ TAB charge on top of your monthly plan...