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What is Koodo's IMAP? **Can't SEND any emails off Iphone**

I have a Iphone 5    iOS 10.3.3
Model  MD293C/A

Uing SMTP.telus.net
Server port 1025

When sending emails on my ph. I get the msg:
     The user name or password for "SMTP:xxxxx@telus.net" is incorrect

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This should help you set up your email on an Apple device
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Also, if your phone is trying to connect to an smtp server, it's setup for pop3, not imap.
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I guess you are having problems with Telus email. Koodo don't have email so they don't have IMAP.

The problem you had was an issue with authentication. Either telus email username or password was incorrect. It could be also an issue with Telus server that prevent email to be checked. You have to check with Telus directly, not through Koodo.
I'll call them tomorrow.