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What if I wanted to upgrade from iphone 4 to iphone 5C, is there a trade in value or is it strictly tab?

Curious as to what my options are for Apple Products and upgrades

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If you have a Koodo phone, you can bring it in to trade it in. You'll be given the value then. You don't have to use the tab if you don't want to.
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Hi there Katrina... For upgrades you have the option to pay up front for your phone or to use the TAB. If you use the TAB, you will need to pay whatever is left on the existing TAB, you will have the option to pay it in the Koodo store or it could be added into the next bill, once this is done, you would be able to upgrade using the TAB of your preference (S, M or L). Take with you the iPhone 4, since the store could give you something for it under the trade in program, they will evaluate it and they would tell you the amount...