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What happens to data boosters when you add-on?

Today I added a 1 gig add on booster to my prepaid account. When I checked my balance after adding I noticed the remaining 137 megs remaining from past booster was gone and only the new purchase was shown. Has there been a change? I used to be able to compound my data boosters when preparing for trips.

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It should be same as before- your  remaining data should be there too.
Maybe, the system wasn't update quick enough when you checked your balance. Also It seems there is a lot of system glitch these days.
so,I would check self serve again later and if your balance is still missing, call customer service.
They don't charge you for asking questions 🙂
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Hey Mike,

No changes have been made, top-ups do not expire. Have a look: http://koo.do/VZGZZ5.

Let us know if you still need help.