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what happened to bring your own phone discount

I wanted to transfer my existing phone from rogers to koodo, but it looks like the bring your own phone discount is no more

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Yeah, that's because the new plans have the bring your own phone discount built into them. If you get a phone on the Tab, they'll charge you the phone price separately from your plan.
My wife has a $30 talk and text plan that I think is the same as the new plan. It had the bring your own discount. Double Talk Answer?
Correction: My wife's plan is $29.00 - 200Min Canada Wide talk, unlimited Text and 100MB data.
It also had the discount option of bring your own phone less 10%
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Yes, I remember that one. The 10% BYOP discount isn't offered anymore. The new plans are just the plans as they are displayed. If someone picked a new phone from Koodo then they could pay extra each month to have it subsidized.
Thanks Jonathan for your reply. 
My wife's phone is with Koodo, and I was considering moving my phone from Rogers to Koodo, however with no BYOP discount and no subsidized tab I will have to think twice before making any change. Maybe I should look at moving my wife,s phone to Rogers instead!
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Hello Don.

I do not recommend for your wife to switch at Rogers because she will pay way more for what she has right now at Koodo! If you switch you are going to regret it because no one will be able to match the plan she has 
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The current $30 plan with Koodo also includes and overage cap which prevents customers from unknowingly going into data overage. Plus there are lots of other benefits of going with Koodo that I think outweigh the 3 dollars off you wont be getting due to the loss of the 10% off.
Thanks all for your comments, I will give it much thought before making any change, I have been with Cantel and then rogers since I can't even remember when, And for the record I DON'T LIKE THEM VERY MUCH ! (actually not at all) Don
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Telus has a BYOP option but it's buried and their plans/rates are not as friendly as Koodo's. As for the other Carriers you mentioned .... don't want to ruin my reputation by commenting on theirs.
OK people, after all the conversation I ported my Rogers number to Koodo today! but when I checked my account on line, I discovered a spelling error in the phone users name. is there a charge if I call customer to rectify this?
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I don't think so! You could ask and if there is actually a charge, ask them kindly how to do it by yourself and they will guide you through the process!