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what are activation credits, and Iphone SE vs Iphone 7

c i'm thinking of getting an Iphone SE or Iphone 7, which do you think is better. i want to know which is better overall and for the cost

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Follow up question what are activation credits
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The newer phone will receive more updates. An important issue if you plan to keep the phone a while. The 7 plus camera allows a few more photo options, including portrait mode. Activation credits are a price reduction you receive on the purchase of a phone which you simultaneously place on a Koodo cellular plan.
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The SE is the mini version of the iphone 6s, smaller screen, 1st gen touch-id, no 3D touch. It is a great phone if you are into something small. The iphone7 is way ahead of SE, bigger screen, latest tech, water resistant...

The SE targets entry level users and has many promotion. Wowmobile, bestbuy, and themobileshop are all having some quick promo on it (on top of Koodo price).

The 7 is a premium phone, there are lots of demand for it, so there is not a lot of promotions. Koodo price is quite good right now. There might be some drops in price when the X is out, but noone except Koodo knows for sure.

thanks. i might just wait till november to get the iphone 7 but im not sure yet.