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We need 1000 LD to Africa too , we like koodo but you must adding Africa to your promotions

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See https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/i-have-1000-ld-min-can-i-call-morroco-or-eny-ather-country-of-africa
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Africa is quite the continent, but you're asking specifically for Morocco...Wireless service providers in Morocco hold a very high tarif for inbound calls on their networks. That means if Koodo were to offer 1000 minutes to call Morocco (regardless of whether you're calling landlines or mobiles), it'd be far more than an extra $20 to your plan, otherwise Koodo would be losing a lot of money to absorb that cost.
For other African destinations...you can add UK calling to your Koodo plan, and setup UK forwarding numbers to select destinations. This will work for South Africa (plus English speaking neighbouring countries), Angola, Nigeria and Egypt (cellphones and landlines). Then save those UK forwarding numbers in your contacts after configuring those numbers to forward to your overseas contacts. Koodo sees you calling the UK, and would include it in the UK calling plan or add-on. The service you use to forward the calls would manage the call connecting to your overseas contacts.
I realize Morocco blocks WhatsApp and other VOIP options. Could they use a VPN, perhaps?
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There was positively no need to copy and paste the exact same answer for a near duplicate post from the same person. Cool your heels. Responses are welcome but don't do this.