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Ways to pay for your phone

I like how your tab is paid with a percentage of your bill, but my bill is so low it would take years to pay off the tab. What I would to see are two new options one where you can add a flat fee to the bill that go straight to the paying of the tab, also for those who do not have a tab to be able to build up an advance tab towards a future phone.

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Hi there, What Koodos options are in regards to paying off your tab faster are the following: 1. The more your monthly bill is, the more gets paid towards the tab, 2. You can charge your tab balance to your next bill or pay it off entirely when you get a new phone, and 3. When you reach $0 on your tab balance you qualify to pay into a positive tab (up to +$150) or you can call customer service and have them apply the 10% no tab discount on your plan. Hope that helps 🙂