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water damage

i got a tab plan with koodo for the iphone5s and now my phone got water damage ! what can i do ? Ahsen

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Ack, sorry to hear that Ahsen. Make sure you switch off your phone immediately and place it in rice... hopefully that will prevent some damage. Koodo does not service iPhones, so you're best off to visit an Apple store as soon as possible to see if anything can be done. Good luck!
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Hi Ahsen, Do you have Applecare+? If yes, it does cover 2 accidental damages (you will have to pay an additional $79 per replacement) That being said, even if you don't have Applecare+, I would recommend visiting the Applestore as per Sophia's recommendations. I've previously shattered my screen on my iPad mini and they allowed me to purchase Applecare at the store when I brought in my device even though I was passed the first 30 days. Good luck!