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Wasn't offered a promo?

Just curious if I qualified for a recent promotion of $10 off for six months when I added another line to my account. Activated the phone on Jan 27/17 and received an email about the promo shortly after which ran to Feb 6th. Any idea when this promo started? Would have been nice to know.

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Hey Yvonne - not to worry. So long as you activated within the promo period and meet the qualifications (in this case, you didn't purchase a phone and brought your own), the credits will automatically get applied. Do keep in mind that they won't begin kicking in until your 2nd or 3rd invoice from activation. If for whatever reason you don't see the credits applied by your third bill, poke us here and we'll look into it for you.. but it should all be automatic. 
It was a BYOP.
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I believe that promo only applies to BYOP plans (Bring Your Own Phone)