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Wanting to get international calls for 5 cents a minute reinstated to my wife plan .

Hi ,I have three contracts with you ,one off which is my wife .She went back to the UK for Over a month so we put the contract on a $15 hold ,from the 1st of June her contract reverted to another plan .We had international calls on her plan for $3 a month but this is not the case and we need that back on .Can someone give us advice as we can't seem to have this reinstated . cheers

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Add the "Int'l Long Distance Saver" add-on using Self-Serve. If you don't see it, call 611.
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Hi mcarth342,

What country do you need the add-on for? If you call all the time to the US for example or the UK, then you can add a add-on (10 or 20$ depending on the country) that allows you to call those countries as often as you want and it will count as your regular airtime instead of a "favorable rate"
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Also remember, when you return after using seasonal hold, you are obligated to choose from one of the current in-market plans; you can't return to your former plan.