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Wanting to get a new iPhone

I was wondering if Koodo offers iPhone 5 or iPhone 4s 16GB?

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They don't have the 5 anymore unless you can find one still at your local kiosk but the 5c is the new 5. They do have the 4s but only the 8gb check out the link to their Web store for pricing and what models they carry. iPhone are right at the bottom of the page. https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/models/index.html
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The iphone 5 has been discontinued as for the 4s only in 8GB only. You can visit the main page and click on phones to see what list of phones we have available.
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You can still buy it off Craiglist, Lespac or Kijiji!
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There are still a handful of iPhone 5s floating around Mobile Shop. We did one a few weeks ago.