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Want to upgrade, but can't keep same plan?

  • 29 July 2015
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I currently have an IPhone 4S and owe Koodo $1.50 for it. I planned to upgrade to the 5C but was told by the cashier that it wasn't letting her keep my current plan (I pay the $35 - 300MB data one)... She did say she was new so I'm wondering if this was her mistake or if I will actually need to switch plans to upgrade? Thanks.

2 replies

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No you don't need to change your plan. However, Koodo no longer subsidizes phones on the Tab with their plans. The Tab you receive on the device is divided by 24 months and then added onto your bill to more clearly demonstrate the payment plan for your device each month. The rep may have tried to put you on Tab Plus. In that case, yes, you need to change it. You want to be on the "regular" Tab to get the plan you want to keep. It's the same subsidy either way but obviously regular Tab is the best way to go.
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Jessica where was the location you were told you can't keep the plan? Was it a Koodo Shop?