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Want to buy a new phone w/o primary account holder present

Is there a way for me to buy a new phone as well as upgrade my plan if I am Under 18 and (obvs) not the primary account holder? For example I know that a primary account holder can phone Koodo and get someone else added as a secondary holder or like an administrative person or whatever (sorry, can't remember exactly) but will this work for a minor? Also will it work in a store like London drugs or Walmart? Because I was in there today and the Walmart wireless rep wasn't really sure that it was a thing. Thanks!

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No as far as I know you need the primary account holder there or anyone can add themselves to anyone's account if that wasn't the case.
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Actually if the account hold calls customer service, he can add you as an admin so you can do upgrades at the store.
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Hi Nicole, since a customer must be of legal age in order to get a new phone in stores, you won't be able to upgrade by yourself. You'll have to wait a bit and go with the account owner 🙂 Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.