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Want an upgrade.

my iphone 4 is running very slow cant play games anymore because they lag to much an then crash. i am about a year into my small tab of 24$ a month. what are my options to upgrade and what are the prices? i want another iphone not samsung or other cheep phones.

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You should be able to login to Self Serve through the main Koodo site, go back to phones and see what your tab will help you against. Or you can go check out one of the physical store locations to see what is available to you. In my Personal opinion, the line of Samsung phones Koodo has (Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4) and the LG Nexus 5 are NOT cheap phones, and honestly are better in a LOT of ways compared to even the iPhone 5S. Going from an iPhone 4s to a Samsung Galaxy S4 like my wife did, can feel like going from a smart phone to a tablet due to the screen size difference. Remember, just because it's expensive as all hell, doesn't mean it's better
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Is there anything owed on your tab? if so, how much. If not, how much in the positive tab are you?
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If you have Tab owing, you can but another iPhone (full retail price) or pay off your current tab and get another iphone on Tab Small or Tab medium if you choose a current plan (since Tab M is for plans $30 or higher). I do not recommend you get Tab L as it has the poorest value since you have to choose a Tab L plan