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Wait or Buy

I have BB Curve 9320. Have $100 left on tab. Monthly plan is $35. Pay off tab and purchase iPhone 4s, or wait and get 5 when 6 comes out and I've paid off my tab (aka in awhile).

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If you upgrade now you'll have you tab guaranteed to be clear in 2 years or less so I say upgrade now. The 5 doesn't exist anymore and has been replaced by the 5c which is the plastic iPhone, there is the 5s which just came out fairly recently so it will be a year before the 6 comes out and if you upgrade now you'll have a year of the 24 month tab pay off guarantee under your belt by then. You should really look at the Motorola Moto G though it's less than half the price (right now like a quarter of the price) and is just as good or better than the iPhone just not built with the metal accents of the iPhone. It does only have 8gb of storage but if that would work for you I highly recommend it, it's even got a better display than the iPhone & a half an inch larger display.
Just sucks cuz I'm looking at $250 on a medium tab when I just got the BlackBerry.They said my trade in value would be under $20