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Voicemail button on iPhone not working?

  • 15 November 2013
  • 2 replies

Hey guys! So I have an issue with my two iPhones on the account. All of a sudden the voicemail button that is supposed to take you directly to your voicemail says "cannot connect to your voicemail contact your service provider". My voicemail is all setup and I can access it by calling my phone # but that's time consuming. I've called koodo and after some unsuccessful attempts the rep suggested I take my phone into Apple to fix it. Any help as I don't have time to go to apple this week? Thanks

2 replies

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Which iphone? The fix below will work on the iphone 4 and 4S, but you will need to know the correct voicemail access number. (You'll probably have to call koodo tech support for this). this is how to manually enter it on the iphone 4: From the keypad, type *5005*86*-----------# where the dashes represent your 11-digit voice mail number (typically starting with +1). To get the "+" symbol, hold down the "0" key until it appears. (‘+’ symbol makes sure number works when roaming internationally). Then tap call. The screen will flash, ever so briefly, and after that it looks like nothing happened. Clear the number off the screen and press and hold the 1 key. The code *#5005*86# displays the currently active number.
I'm sorry I should have specified iphone 5s lol