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Very disappointed

Why we got charged for unnecessary data charges when we didnt usethat much. We never had this issue as we were the clients of bell mobility from last 11 years. We do the same stuff nothing got changed so why . Please contact me on XXXX@hotmail.com

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Hi Satinder,If Koodo registers that you used the data, you did in fact use it. I know at one point Facebook Mesenger used up 2gb of my data plan while I was not using the phone, so perhaps one of your apps went rogue. You could consider upgrading your plan to one that includes Shock Free Data which automatically stops your data whenever you use up your limit to avoid additional charges for going over data.
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Also on your iphone go to Settings>Cellular to see which apps are using data.  You can also go to self serve to see the usage statistics to see when the data is being used.
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Mathieu and Dennis are right! Phones and applications evolve and are more and more hungry for data! Koodo simply delivers the data that your phone is requesting. Same thing if you decide to change your old refrigerator to a new model, with a display screen and various other extra. It will consume more electricity, despite technically serving you the same purpose.. keeping your food cold. Like Dennis said, look what app uses data, and turn off their access to the mobile network if you do not need them.