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Verification & Shipping Update?! Order Confirmation # HFO17281235

I had went to the store to buy this phone and had called weeks ahead to verify they carry the 256 gb in stock, which I was told they did (I live 3 hrs from any koodo mobile store) I get to the store in Saskatoon and am told by the koodo rep they only carry the new iphone7plus at the store up to 32gb and that I would have to order online. He said it only takes 2-3 business days for an online order to come via canada post and I was okay with that so I placed my order that same day online - Confirmation # HFO17281235. I received an email as soon as I placed this order online but it did not give me an estimated time for how long "verification" would take or shipping details. I have logged in to my koodo account online and I cannot even see my purchase so I have no idea what is happening. I keep checking my email but I have received nothing from Koodo updating me on my order. I wish I knew it was going to take this long as I would have just went and purchased the phone from a 3rd party koodo vendor like Best Buy. I am very disappointed. Customer service from Koodo has always been great and I have always recommended Koodo to family and friends but I feel the lack of stock for something as popular as the iphone7 plus in store and the wait for online ordering really dropped the ball. I would like an update on where this phone is in the order process and how long I can expect this to take and also if/how it is possible to cancel my order (if it is going to take weeks as I have seen from other comments on here)

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Hello Keshia.

Considering the fact that not a lot of Koodo customers order such expensive devices, Koodo can't carry them around in their warehouse because it would be too expensive. Therefore, that's why you need to order it online. 

I'm sure your message will be heard and you will get some information about your order soon enough. Hang on tight.
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Hi Keisha - I see that your order was placed on the 22nd (Sunday). Order has been received and is in the system. Typical processing time can take up to 10 business days in normal conditions - sometimes sooner, but sometimes it can be longer depending on volumes and inventory. This would have been communicated on-screen once you placed the order and also in the confirmation email sent once the order is received. The 2-3 business day window is for shipping - once the phone is ready to ship, but bear in mind that there's also a window of time required to verify/validate your order and process.

In your case, I don't see any flags regarding the order, so the order should be processed within the next few days and once that's done you'll receive a confirmation email with tracking info.

Let us know if you have any other questions about your order. If you have a specific inquiry (i.e. if you want to cancel your order) you can contact the web store directly at:
1-844 566-3697 or koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com
They're available Tuesday to Friday from 3pm to 9pm EST

Hope that helps.
We were very lucky, my son ordered a new phone on Sunday and it was here Wednesday morning, hope your's comes soon, it's so difficult if you are without one while you wait as he was, his old phone died and as most of us do, he lives through his phone. Good luck!!