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Varadero Cuba - text msgs not delivering

  • 28 January 2019
  • 3 replies

Currently in Varadero, Cuba. Easy roam has been added to my plan and I have an Iphone. I am able to receive and call out but text msgs are not being delivered and I cant use data. Before I left they told me this was all available thru easy roam. Am i doing something wrong?

3 replies

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What phone was it? make sure it is compatible with local network. Also, I would suggest you try to reset the network settings and see if the phone can reconfigure itself to receive data.

Regarding texting, can you receive texts?
Iphone 6s - i can send as Text but not as an Imsg. I just figured that out
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You need cellular data to use MMS. Have you turned it on. Also go to settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset network settings. Hope that simple reset would enable data in your phone.